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Getting yourself a french maid

Kyle had a smirk on his face, watching Danielle dancing for him.
Oh , those bountiful breasts tantalizingly dangling before him. And those wide hips jutting from side to side.
He thought back to past events leading up to this exquisite situation when he hand his roommate Daniel made a bet. The loser would be transformed by the winner into a french maid and be forced to tidy the whole apartment. The spell would break when all of the apartment clean. Until then the loser would be stuck as an bimbo french maid with an appetite for sexy cleaning.
As soon as the spell had been cast Kyle quickly locked the door to one of the toilets and hid the key. As long as she wouldnt be able to get inside and clean she wouldn´t either transform back, and Kyle would be able to keep this sexy minx indefinitely.