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Oh my god, Mother pt. 4: Acceptance

“Annie,” my mother stood in the door of my room, “We need to talk.”
“Oh my god mother, what now?”
“I want you to tell me the truth. Are you happy? With the – well, you know, since your changes?”
Blood rushed to my head. “Happy? I went to bed one night and everything was normal. I woke up the next morning – and well, just look. I didn’t ask for this. It just happened to me.”
My mother had tears forming in her beautiful blue eyes. But I wasn’t really sure why
She looked away. “I had hoped – I mean –you seem happier sometimes– when you’re with Jason or Cheryl, and I had hoped – “
I put my arms around her. “It’s fine mother. I’ll deal with it.”
“No!” my mother turned to face me. “It isn’t right.. I don’t want – don’t ‘deal with it’. You don’t have to be the person anybody else expects. Not Me or Jason or Cheryl or anyone else but yourself. There are things that can b done. Either by magic or science. I will help. Just tell me what you want and I will put everything I have into helping you ”
As she got ready to leave the room, she hugged me tightly and kissed the top of my head. “It’s so strange,” she said,”before this happened, I sometimes thought– I don’t know. Get some sleep.”
I buried my head in my pillow and cried myself to sleep. I didn’t really have a choice. It just happened. I didn’t have a choice and I didn’t want one. Read more