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I’m His Doll

When I came to, I was already tied up to the table. I was groggy at first but I started to feel something pistoning inside me and pulling my hair. Wait, why is my hair so long? Oh my god I’m being fucked! A loud high pitched moan confirmed my suspicions. I was a girl. Well more accurately I was his little fuck doll. He would keep me at that table for days and by the time he untied me, I knew that I belonged to him.

In Heaven

I have a confession to make. I love big cock. So much so I let my best friend cast a spell on my to turn me into the blonde petite girl of his dreams. Now I’m on my knees in front of his throbbing piece of meat I’m stunned. His cock is far bigger than I would imagine. It’s even bigger than my phone. Soon I’ll wrap my warm lips around his cock, and hopefully he’ll return the favor by fucking me crazy!