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Saving her

My sisters boyfriend has always been a bad piece of work. Always manipulating my sis and my family can’t see what he is doing. He controls where she goes who she talks to and expects her to service him whenever he wants it.
Today was one of those days when he was at our house doing the usual act for the family. He gave my sister the look which i knew meant he wanted to fuck. She went upstairs with him and I knew what they were about to do. I wished i could save her from being controlled by him…
The next thing i knew i was in my sisters bedroom naked against the wall, i didn’t realise initially that i was now inside her body. That was until i felt a massive cock enter my vagina! It felt weird but very quickly i began to enjoy the new feeling of the hard dick pounding my tight pussy. I had my first female orgasm within minutes, not wanting this new sensation to stop any time soon. My next orgasm built and my sisters boyfriend began to grunt and moan. I realised he was going to fill me (my sister) with his cum, but i didn’t care as my next orgasm hit me. I spasmed under the pleasure and then felt a warm liquid enter my pussy. I now knew why my sister was so eager to do whatever he said, if the fucking was that good each time.
I guess i didn’t save her but i did improve my own sex life from now on.