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The One Who Makes The Rules

This just wasn’t working out the way Dylan thought it would. Ever since he’d used that magic wishing coin to change his room mate into his girl friend, he hadn’t had a moments peace. Do this, do that, never anything he wanted to do. No TV, no golf, no staying out drinking with the boys. Well enoughs enough! He’d had it! He was putting his foot down! He stormed out of the kitchen, opened his mouth and froze. The pretty red head, sitting naked in the den, looked at him and asked, “Yes Dear?”. Dylan just stammered, “Err, I finished the dishes”. She just looked at him. He Mumbled, “I going to take the trash out now.” With a small smirk on her face she said, “That’s nice dear.” As Dylan left, her realize for the first time the truth to the old saying: “She was the pussy. She makes the rules”.