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Watch out!

They are so…exquisite. I could never have guessed that it would feel so good caressing them. I knew they would be soft but that they would feel like this. I could do this all day until they got sore from me touching them.
My whole body is soft and squishy too. Is this how all girls feel like? Guess they take it for granted and the novelty grew off when they got older. But transforming from a regular guy into a hot babe with extra everything thanks to a magical watch is amazing. I´ve never felt so sexy in all of my life.
Nobody will know who´s really inside if someone I know see me. I wonder if I can turn this up a notch? I know my sister have a skintight black dress somewhere in her closet. It will hug my curves perfectly, and a pair of high heels will show off my butt pretty well. I remember that she have a really cute purse that will fit in nicely.
Wonder if she has a garter belt?
Hmm, the gang should be at their usual place this evening. Carl is kinda handsome when you think about it, and he is built too. Yummy! Oh, it tingled just by thinking of him. If he wants I will allow him to make me tingle some more. *snicker*
The place they are going to got some really hardass bouncers, but I don´t think ID will be a problem, they can´t resist a girl like me. Read more