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Signatures, part I

I knew as soon as I opened my eyes what had happened. I was free of pain, I was free from the beeping of monitors, and I had free, unrestricted movements: I had died, and my mind had been downloaded into an android. After a long losing battle with cancer, I spent the last month in hospice. Any time I was awake, I was signing documents. The name William Hendricks became increasingly illegible as I resigned from the various civic boards and committees, stepped down as CEO of my company, made a few last minute charitable donations, updated insurance policies and my will so that my wife gets everything.
My wife . . . I’ve barely had any time to spend with her – the poor thing. When I married a 25 year old at the age of 57, all of my friends and colleagues assumed I was just another shallow multi-millionaire picking up a trophy wife. But although she is gorgeous, I really do love her. I thought we’d have decades together, but the cancer started almost as soon as the honeymoon ended. Maybe it’s for the best. She doesn’t have to be tied down to an old man when she’s in the prime of life. We’ll both start over. She’ll find someone new, and I’ll work as an android.
With my resources, I could afford any Download insurance policy I wanted, but after a lifetime on the top, I wanted to get back to contributing to society, so I decided that, upon my death, I wanted to be downloaded into a labour android – cutting stone in a quarry or building and fixing roads, something that contributed society.
But as I looked around, the surroundings were far too luxurious for any sort of gruelling labour. And while my new body certainly moved with much more ease than the one I had just left, it definitely didn’t feel strong and powerful. In fact, it almost felt a bit delicate. For the first time since waking up, I tilted my head downwards. I saw breasts. BIG ones. They were wrapped in delicate white lace and long blonde hair tickled my skin where those orbs swelled out from my chest. I had a dainty waist and curvy hips and BREASTS. I see my hands move – those small dainty hands with the manicured nails are really mine. I lift them slowly up to my lace covered nipple and give a delicate squeeze, almost like pinching myself to see if I’m dreaming. But what I receive is not a jolt of pain to wake me up, it’s an electric surge of pleasure sent directly to my computerized brain confirming that this is very, VERY real. I gasp in a sweet, breathy soprano.
“Feels good, doesn’t it?” A familiar voice asks.
I hadn’t even realized there was anyone else in the room. I spin around quickly, feeling a host of strange sensations: breasts butt jiggling, hair swishing across my skin – and there I see Collin Fordham, head of the legal division at my company. “Collin?” I say, hating the way his name sounds in my new sexy voice. “What’s going on? Why am I . . . How . . . ?”
Collin smiled, seeming quite pleased with something. “Come on now, BILL,” he said, emphasizing the irony of the name with my new form. “I would think you were clever enough to realize what that body of yours is for, right?”
“It’s a . . . Pleasurebot.”
“That’s right,” he said smugly. “That bod was made for fucking. And that’s just what you’ll do. As it so happens, the new CEO of the company has decided to buy a Pleasurebot for the executive lounge. You’ll get to service all your former employees.”
“The new CEO?” I said in shock. They had already replaced me? “Who? Who would do such a thing?”
“Isn’t it obvious?” he said chuckling. “Me.”
“YOU!” I said, trying to sound angry but instead just sounding petulant, or maybe even lusty. “But how? And why am I a Pleasurebot instead of a labour android?”
For a moment, Collin didn’t speak. He just looked at me, smiling. I was furious, but something in my programming must have kicked in at that moment, because a new sensation came over me. In response to his possessive stare, I started to feel horny. My new synthetic pussy and ass began lubricating themselves, as if in anticipation of some sexual act. But then Collin turned away, and the spell was broken. “Oh Gwendolyn,” he called out. “You can come in now. SHE’s awake.”
Gwendolyn? But that’s my wife’s name. And at that moment, my beautiful, loving wife strolled into the room. “Gwen?” I said meekly.
She didn’t look at me. She walked straight for Collin and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. He grabbed her by the ass while her hand caressed his chest and then sank lower, to the massive bulge in his pants, which she gave a tight squeeze. In spite of my confusion and anger, I felt my arousal building even more.
Finally, the two of them separated and Gwen turned to look me up and down. “I’ve gotta say, Billi, you’ve never looked better.”
“But . . . Gwen . . .”
She shook her head. “So naïve. You really thought a gorgeous woman like me would fall for a used up old man like you? I’m a gold digger, Billi. I figured I would just have to wait a couple of years before divorcing you. Thank god you got sick so quickly. Collin here took SUCH good care of me while you were in the hospital. It was his idea to combine our shares and take over the company. But it was MY idea to turn you into a Pleasurebot. You never did pay much attention to what you were signing there at the end, did you? Well you may not have been much of a lover when you were alive, but you’ll have plenty of time to make up for that now.”

Beyond Reason

Irony is a bitch. I have always trusted my mind. As an esteemed professor of philosophy, I have long argued that reason was the highest good and that only through careful application of logic was it possible to make choices resulting in a good and fulfilling life. But there is a powerful force in society that stands in the way of that possibility: the Download.
In their panicked rush to escape death, people sign up for Download insurance policies to place their consciousness in an android body after death – a body which then work as a slave for ten years. I used to lecture about it frequently in my philosophy classes, saying things like: “These downloaders turn their backs on living real life and spit on free will. It goes against everything natural for a human being. We have affirmed for generations that slavery is an unconscionable state, and now we subject ourselves to it by choice. Well you can rest assured, you will never find MY mind inside of some tin can.”
And yet, here I am – no longer a middle-aged, bearded male professor, but a dainty female android with plump tits barely contained in the most absurd maid outfit conceivable. I remember feeling pain, right in the middle of a lecture: a heart attack I got hauled off to the hospital, and when it became clear that I wasn’t going to make it, the hospital authorized an emergency download. One minute, I was breathing in sharp gasps, feeling my body shutting down, and then suddenly I was fluttering long eyelashes, feeling more alive than I ever had. I was also an indentured servant.
None of it was my choice. Apparently, when I was just a baby, my parents took out a life insurance policy on me, and they decided to add the brand new Download option. I never even knew the policy existed, but apparently, it was still valid. All those decades ago, when the technology was new, they didn’t have different levels of policy like they do now, but times have changed. Since this was such a small policy, I was automatically dropped into the lowest android option: PleasureBot.
So far, the only thing that my owner has asked me do is actual maid service: cooking and cleaning, that sort of thing. It’s demeaning work, and the way this body moves is inherently sexual: arching my back to stick out my chest, wiggling my hips, tits and ass jiggling as I walk. The worst part is that I have no choice in the matter. My programming forces me to oblige every command, no matter how degrading, with a cute little curtsy and the words, “Right away, Sir.”
Of course, with the way I’m dressed and the way he stares at me, I know it’s only a matter of time before he asks for something else. I’ve never been interested in men. In fact, I rather enjoyed being surrounded by beautiful young women on a college campus. But things in my head are getting weird. Every time I obey a command, I get a little thrill of pleasure. When I catch my owner staring at my ass, my circuits tingle, and I start swinging my hips even more. On top of it all, the programming that comes with this body is constantly bombarding me with unfamiliar thoughts. How do you apply reason to a situation like this? I don’t think I can trust my own mind anymore, because I’m even beginning to hope that my master will finally summon me for some “strenuous” duties.

Beyond Reason, part 2

“What do you want?” my owner asked.
It was such a small, simple question, but it had enormous significance. Fortunately, my new, computerized brain processes information at blazing speeds compared to what my old grey matter could accomplish, intelligent though I had been, so I could really think about all the issues involved.
I used to think that I belonged in a male body. I was proud of my broad shoulders, square features, thick beard, and even the stereotypical gut that stuck out in front of me. But when my mind was dumped inside the synthetic body of a thin woman with perky breasts and butt, I had to completely re-evaluate my sense of self. As much as I would like to argue that our true identity exists in the mind rather than in the body, it’s hard to maintain that view when a different voice comes out of my mouth or when I have to brush long red locks of hair out of my eyes, a gesture that I never once performed as a man, or when I feel a stirring desire for flesh from the empty cavity between my legs that I never possessed before.
I used to think that physical pleasure was a distraction from the highest good of reason and self-reflection. That’s not to say pleasure was bad (I enjoyed a fair amount of sex myself), but it seemed selfish and small compared to the cause philosophy to which I had devoted myself. But maybe I thought that way because I had never experienced true satisfaction before. Now that I have a body literally built for sex, I can’t imagine how all my sitting around thinking ever did any good. I was still bitter and grumpy and often lonely. But as a PleasureBot, I experience the most incredible sensations of euphoria, not only be receiving pleasure, but by giving it to my master as well. The more selfish we are with our lust, the more happiness we create in each other.
I used to think that I was only interested in women. I admired long silky legs and lush round tits. Their softness, their grace, their quivering sensuality all turned me on in an instant. At first I was horrified to find myself inside such a body, feeling the jiggling of my curves and seeing the delicacy of my features in a reflection. But the more I saw the lust in my master’s eyes, the more I understood possessing those features I had always lusted after was even more arousing than seeing them.
And now that I am softer and smaller, it is the strength, the size, and the hardness of my master that makes me quiver. He took his time having sex with me the first time, tracing my contours with his kisses, stroking my skin in meandering patterns that sent electricity racing through my circuits. It was like he wanted to stimulate each and every one of the pleasure relays built into my skin. My consciousness wasn’t prepared to handle so many sensations, and I allowed the programming to take over, so that when I finally felt his rigid member slide into my soaking wet synthetic pussy, my high pitched voice blared the news of my first orgasm in this body. We’ve had plenty of sex since then, in all sorts of rhythms, rooms, and positions, and I know now that there is nothing else on earth that can satisfy me the way a man’s cock can.
I used to think . . . I used to think so much. As a stodgy and aging professor of philosophy, I used to spend hours just thinking, pondering, weighing ideas. But as an android, all these ruminations take only a split second. So it was really quite a simple matter for me to realize that all my old ideas about free will were wrong all along. None of us really has free will. We are a slave to our bodies and to our perceptions as much as androids are slaves to their owners. But I realized something: if I choose to accept my slavery, then it’s no longer something I’m forced to do, but something I want to do. That choice makes me free to fully embrace the person that I am. And the person I am now is a sex object.
“What do you want?” my master had asked.
“I want your cock inside me,” I moaned.

Illegal Downloads

My eyes opened in an unfamiliar room. The last thing I remembered was lying down to sleep in my hotel room after having sex with my favourite Pleasurebot, but suddenly I was standing in some sort of waiting chamber. When I tried to look around I became aware of all sorts of strange sensations. Long hair gliding over my shoulders, weight shifting on my chest, cool air caressing my skin, and lace trimmed fabric wrapped tightly around the curves of a body I didn’t recognize. My powerful male body had been replaced by a dainty female. I tried to scream, but it was like the thought never reached my mouth. Still feeling panicked, I tried to pinch myself, hoping that this was all just a bad dream, but when my long fingernails dug into the skin of my soft, round butt, the jolt didn’t wake me. Instead, an aroused gasp parted my plump lips.
When Pleasurebots arrived on the market, the economy went haywire. Sure there was demand for the full range of androids available, but none were as sought after as Pleasurebots. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful sexual partner who conforms to your EVERY desire? As a man of exorbitant wealth and power, I’ve acquired quite a collection of them myself. And I’m always looking to acquire new models.
The only catch is that for any android to function, a human consciousness must be downloaded into the internal computer. Apparently this is what gives them the ability to process the subtleties of human communication as well as the spirit and drive to keep them from becoming too robotic. Naturally, this consciousness is entirely bound by the unit’s programming, leading to serious questions about freewill. So as soon as android technology hit the public sphere, all sorts of international legislation was enacted to make sure that the technology was used humanely. That means that no one’s consciousness can be downloaded into an android unless that individual chooses to, and that download cannot happen until after the person’s death – requiring uploads at regular intervals so that a copy of the person’s consciousness is always available. That’s how Download Insurance came about. It was a brilliant business move that I wish I came up with.
The trouble is, all of these laws and policies have really hurt the supply. Demand is up, but there isn’t enough consciousness to go around, especially when it comes to Pleasurebots. Apparently not many people are interested in having a life devoted to sexual pleasure for some reason. But with such high demand for Pleasurebots, there was plenty of money to be made by finding a new supply. That’s how illegal downloads came about. Certain people are capable of hacking into a consciousness upload matrix and downloading the mind of someone still living into a black market android. The individual who was hacked generally has no idea what happened and goes on with their life. Meanwhile, the version of them that was downloaded is unable to reveal what happened to them because of their programming. Then they get to have crazy sex for the rest of their existence. As far as I can see, everyone wins.
At least, that’s what I used to think. But now, I’m the victim. Someone stole my consciousness and dumped into this sexy body. I’m supposed to be a powerful executive, a well-hung silver fox, a MAN for fuck’s sake! To be trapped as some dainty female sex slave is humiliating to say the least. And when I pictured a lifetime of sex, it was always with my own cock, not getting ploughed by one! Of course, that pinch earlier did feel pretty nice. And I know these bodies are designed to deliver intense pleasure to the consciousness that inhabits them, so maybe sex as a woman wouldn’t be the worst thing ever.
How do I know so much about illegal downloads? Simple. The entire reason I came on this vacation was to buy a black market Pleasurebot. Also, my old body just happened to walk through the door of this room. Apparently, I just bought myself! I know I should be furious that someone stole my consciousness like this, but knowing that I’ll get to have sex with my own body is somehow…exciting! I’ll be getting endless sex with my own cock after all!