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Girly Granola

When Alvin ate the girly granola he thought it would be disastrous. However, this was not the case. Alvin loved being Ava and all the feminine clothing tastes that came with her and she recommends the TG restaurant to all her friends.


Julian was so thirsty he couldn’t bare his parched throat anymore. He rushed into a restaurant and ordered the “Teen Thick Shake”. Little did Julian know that he was in the TG restaurant.
Julian’s body began to transform and he shrunk rapidly. The shrinking was followed by a sudden growth of long brown hair. His face felt twisted as it changed shape. Two mounds of flesh sprout from his chest and all body hair disappeared. His torso pinched to create a feminine figure. His bottom felt hot as it softened slightly. Then his male genitalia retracted. He threw his hand down between his legs and found nothing. Julian came to the conclusion that he was indeed a she. Julian was distraught and began abusing a waitress demanding answered. All the waitress had to do was point to the sign at the front of the shop which read: Read more