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Club Change

No matter how hard he tried, Trent could not find a way to ever hook up with a girl. Like usual, he decided to go to his favorite bar where all of the hot, young, girls were. One girl in a skin tight white dress especially caught his attention. He decided to try his luck and ask the girl for a dance with him. She said no. For whatever reason, Trent was not in the mood to be denied like this tonight. After calling her slutty and a whore, she finally looked at him and told him that he would learn what its like to be called a slut and a whore. Just as Trent was finally ready to leave the club, he felt frozen in place. At first, he felt a tickling sensation on his shoulders and neck and he looked down to discover that he now had long dark hair. Before he could react, he shrank from his former height of 6’1″ to a petite 5’0″. Things only got worse has he felt a ballooning sensation in his chest just to discover that he now was the owner of two C Cup breasts. This ballooning sensation spread to his butt, he then looked behind him at the mirror to discover that his ass was sticking out way more than it ever should have. As if this wasn’t enough, his pride and joy slowly fizzled down to a moist pussy. While he thought things could not get any worse, he was wrong. His face quickly morphed into a sexy feminine version of itself with makeup. His jeans and tshirt then morphed into a single, skimpy, skin tight white dress that showed way more skin than he ever wanted to have exposed. During the morphing of his clothes, his wallet fell onto the floor, as he tried to pick it up, hit changed into a purse that any woman would love to have. After this, his skin darkened into a nice tan and his nails were suddenly painted a coral color. The last change was that his shoes started losing their material and started forming straps, this was followed by his heels shooting up four inches, making him now a dainty 5’4″. Stunned by the changes, all he could do was stand there and play with his now sexy hair. Suddenly new thoughts, and goals entered into his mind about pursuing a man. After checking her ID, Tina now realized that she needed to get busy if she wanted to be the biggest slut at the club.