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Better not knowing

Tim had a huge crush on Nicole. He used to fantasize about her whenever he was alone. He would imagine her horny and frustrated, taking out a yearbook and flipping to a picture of him and rubbing her pussy till she came.
“I wish I knew what she is doing right now?” Tim said absently.
A passing fairy heard his wish and decided to have a little fun with Tim. She had flown by Nicole’s house earlier and knew exactly what was happening.
Suddenly Tim was inside Nicole’s body, which was getting ass fucked by Tim’s best friend Dan. Before Tim could say a word Nicole’s body started to orgasm. Tim was now squirting all over himself from his best friends cock deep in his asshole.
Tim was back in his bedroom, his legs shaking as the sensation faded. He regretted making the wish. Not because he found out his best friend was fucking his crush, he couldn’t care less about that now. He regretted it because he had felt a female orgasm and would never experience it again.
“I wish I was a girl.” He said to the open air. Nothing happened. He decided to try being more honest with himself. “I wish I was a slutty girl who had squirting orgasms and loved anal.”