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Time to Think About Boys

Jack (left) now Jillian, and Vince (right) now Vivian were discussing their next step after permanently being changed into gals a month earlier in a lab accident. With their new desires and urges, they discussed calling over a few of their former male friends for some fun. Read more

The Boys are Back in Town

Jeff (left) and Lee (right) were smiling. Not only had they changed into sexy women, but their friends from out of town, Paul and Jerry, agreed to come over for some fun! Things kept getting better and better that night after Jeff became Jenna, and Lee became Leanne. They loved their new forms, possible by a magic spell, and now were ready to take their bodies to the next level. Once they had sex with men, they would never want to go back, and anyway, the reversal spell was more expensive than the transformation one, so they were saving that cash for some new outfits.

Bimbo Backfired

Sam and Tad had a magic spell, but only one, the borrowed magic that the man in the bathrobe gave to them for a steep price. He told them this was one time only, and they shall never come back to him, and that they would probably never find him anyway. He was a traveling magician, and moved many times over sometimes helping other times not so much. It depended on the deed and the person doing it. The man in the bathrobe remained unbiased however, knowing that karma would have it’s way no matter who used his magic. Read more

Shocker Bonus

Ted, Jed, and Ned were not to upset after there ex-girlfriends changed them to women after finding out they all cheated on them. They decided they could be lesbians. So the exes added a bonus spell to seal the deal, making them straight chicks. Read more