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In Plain Sight

I pulled my hair back into a ponytail as I stared at my former body entertaining the other party guests. Geez, was he working out that much? Never in my wildest dreams did I think Sofia could thrive in my body like she had, but that she did. Read more

All Deals Come With Unintended Consequences

She gets college credit, I get a bump into upper management. My firm required “Diversity Certification” to make Partner; a new credential that says one lived as an ‘underrepresented’ group for 12 months. Being your average white male, the only way for me to get that little piece of paper would be to switch lives with someone else. Initially quite hesitant, my wife soon threw away her reluctance after she saw the salary of Partner at my firm. Read more

It Started With A Vacation.

I had a dirty, little secret; I enjoyed body swapping while my wife was away on business trips. Not that I did it obsessionally, just every couple months to forget my daily troubles and live in the world of someone else. Read more