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My first time

The first time I had sex in my new body, my ex had to get involved. When we were together, I never let her sit on my face. As a submissive slut, I no longer had a say in the matter


After the war, all those who had betrayed the West to the Radical Gender Movement were given what many saw as just deserts. I was one of those traitors. I was turned into a Maid, and use as a sex toy for my master and his friends…I want to say I hate every second, but really, just look at my face. I love it.

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As I got onto my knees with my girlfriend she told me to open my eyes. As I did she pulled down his pants and well, that monster sprang out. She turned to me and said “Well I didn’t know he’d be THAT big, but that just means there’s for for us girls..right Miranda?” All I could do was smile as I went in for my first blowjob

You slut

“You’re such a slut” My ex said as she remove her bra “You’re meant to remove your bra so her can cum on your tits as well, not just in your mouth” This all fell on deaf ears as I got my first taste of precum

Thank you

After my exgirlfriend turned me into a slut, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I didn’t want to lose her, and I didn’t know how to control my new desires. Lucky for me, she knew a spell that’d allow her to grow a cock. Of course when I saw her pull the huge thing out, I could only do what any other slut would do. Suck like my life depended in it. Which is why when I heard her exclaim that she was close to cumming, I gave her a look of “Thank you for giving me what I’ve always wanted”


My girlfriend always knew what was best for us. First she turned me into a girl, and that was great. then we became lesbians, which was amazing, and now she makes me suck the cocks of her many boyfriends before they fuck us both. Read more

Just a kiss

“just a kiss” I said as I swallowed the tip of his cock. When I removed it, I looked up to see him smiling, he knew I loved the taste…and I happily went back for more