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Yariman, part 4

September 6, 2015
Tom woke up. Something was wrong. Well, more wrong than normally. Looking down, he saw his big breast, which he had just received yesterday. But there was something different about them. A certain smell. Tom took his left boob with his hand and sniffed it. He indeed knew this smell. A memory popped up in his brain, he was sitting in front of a computer, watching porn. Then he remembered, this was his life now. The pleasure slut, the quite literal generous vagina for the Nelson family. After further inspection this wasn’t the Nelson’s home though. This wasn’t his room, not that he’d be allowed to use it often during the night anyway. He panicked. What was the last memory he had? Jim. Jim standing in front of him. He said something. What was it? “But she has a boyfriend and I need you to sleep with him”, the student’s voice echoed through Tom’s mind. For a moment Tom wanted to check if there was a man sleeping next to him, but eventually decided against it. He didn’t know if he’d panic, so he decided to just leave as quiet as possible. After a couple of minutes he left the bedroom and entered the living room, when he noticed his boobs shaking more than usual. Tom didn’t want to look down. He didn’t want to see these breasts more than he had to, so he just tried to finger them in a better place. After that failed he just carried on. Now came the most important part. Tom had watched enough movies to know that the moment where the one-night-stand tries to leave the house is usually the moment where the other person finds them. Tom though, got lucky. He closed the front door and wanted to run away, when he noticed one thing: He had no idea where he was.