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the trap

“No! Please let me out! ” The young man yell, in hope of anyone who can help him get out of this trap. He was just supposed to make a quick stop at the spa. Just to relax before his date with his girlfriend. He had plan to make his proposal to her tonigh and he wanted to blow off some steam. The receptionist had suggest him the new hammam and he accepted it, not knowing he had been selected to become the next victim of a criminal organisation.
He undressed and enter the hammam. When the door slam behind him he began to worried. The room obviously not a classic hammam with no sit and mirror on every wall. He began to panic. He began to panick, calling for help, not noticing the special steam had already began it work on his body. Too focus of who could help on the outside, he first didn’t saw the first changes. His body becoming slimmer and taking some new curves, making his towel fall on the floor. Mounds of flesh grown on his now hairless chest ti form perfect sized breasts. He finally noticed when he felt a pain between his leg. A quick star down made him saw the last sign of his dick before it was sucked into him, becoming a wet pussy. He call help again, now in high feminine voice. Finally, his hair became long and fall on his shoulder then his hips reaching his perfectly round butt.
Now fully female, his yelling slowly stopped, becoming more and more moaning. His mind, overflowed by desire was wipped completly. Nothing was left of the young man. In his place there was just a sexy woman consumed by desire. Her only purpose was to pleased the client of her masters now. The door open and they put the new girl out. Completly lost, she wonder where she was and who she was. She saw men putting some male clothes and bag into a trash before putting fire in it, not realising it was the last trace of her previous life which they getting rid of. Then they prepared her and put her in a dress ready to begin her new life as an escord girl.
An hour later, a girl waited her boyfriend in a restaurant. She was first excited because she have previously saw the ring and guessed he was about to propose her, but now she began worrying. She tried to call him again with no response as his phone was still burning with the ring on it side.