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Fight Your Own Battles

“Look, dude, I’m telling you it’s me… Tyler! When I grabbed that chick’s boobs she cast some kind of spell on me and turned me into a girl with big titties!” Said the naked big breasted redhead.
“Yeah, right! Look, baby, why don’t we go find a bed and…” Said Danny, the drunken teen that was unknowingly hitting on his friend Tyler at the house party.
“Ew, no! Anyway, I’ll be a guy again any minute now. I just sent my big brother, Derek, over there to make that witch bitch change me back, and then- OOF!” Tyler said as she was suddenly interrupted by a humongous tit to the face.
“Yeah… I don’t think she’s gonna change you back… She said she DEFINITELY not changing ME back, so… you wanna go hook up, Danny?…” Said Derek.

Dark Master

He had collected a cop from each of the five closest cities. He had transformed the male cops, adding them to his harem. He appointed the buxom, naked ladies as guards for his compound, not that he really needed guards. The Master simply liked to show off his work.