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i didnt know my dick own dick would make me so hor

Mehdi and Ash were married for 10 years and the life were getting hard in work and house work both thought the others life is easy and one day they wish that the other would know how its to walk in the opposite shoe and the woke up the next morning in each others body and when Ash was ready to go to work her erection wouldn’t go down so Mehdi tried to help her with that and when he got on his knees to jerk off his own cock so ash could get the relive and go to work and when his own dick came in front of his face the only thing he wanted to do was admire it and suck it

how do i look baby

me and wife had a challenge that who would be able to look more as a opposite gender and after a month of intense work on our body we were ready just a final test did the sex parts we exchanged by the new technology would work the way we expect and mehdi the new wife was ready for his husband with those expectation of makeing love