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Lost Control

Oh crap! How did he get that remote? I have to get out of here and out of the range of that remote, then I can get the suit off. Dang, these heels, why did I have to wear them? Read more

Last Laugh Selfie

I know it is childish but screw her. Balancing my beers in one hand, I couldn’t help but appreciate my reflection in the mirror. Damn, I look sexy. Smiling, I can’t help but think, I would sure do me. Read more

Changed and Sold

It was going to make Ed and I rich. While we had been working on it we had talked about how much money people would pay for a device that could transform a person, giving them a completely different body. The weight loss and plastic surgery industries would be nearly obsolete once we released this technology. We joked about what extravagant plans we had for how we would send our millions once we went public. Read more