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Artemis’ Army: The Goth Sister

Josh was always a bully to the girls of the neighborhood. He would point and make fun of their clothes by calling them “sluts” and “ho’s”. Danica was out looking for new sisters and heard Josh making fun of them. Deciding to add a new sister to the Army and teach him a lesson she fired an arrow into him. Josh felt weird as if he had lost weight in some places but gained it in others. He looked down and saw two modest sized tits on his chest. He ran home to figure out what was going on. He looked in the mirror and saw the body of an emo slut. “Courtney” he heard in his heard. “You have made funs of enough girls so I turned you into one”. You will recruit sisters for my army and if you disappoint me I’ll make you a pregnant emo slut”. Needless to say Courtney no longer makes fun of other girls.#