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Phone Sex change

I always hated when she went back to college, but we promised to make it work. I called her and she said she really missed me and wanted to show me. We started talking, and she started telling me how wet she was and I started to stroke myself, “how hard are you?” “does it feel good?”, “I want you to suck my nipples!”. I started imagining those perfect breasts and her hard pink nipples, I started stroking my own nipples and I told her how wonderful her breasts felt, I never realized how sensitive my nipples could be! “I’m am soo wet, please rub my clit and feel how wet I am!” I imagined her smooth cunt in her cute little panties, dripped of sex, I started stroking my cock, it wasn’t hard but it felt better than it ever had! I kept rubbing and reached to cup my balls and my finger slipped into her waiting cunt, I could feel her dripping wet for me like she was right here. God did it feel good! I have never felt anything like it! “Fill me” she said, and I plunged deep into her cunt and I heard her scream on the other end of the phone. Then I realized I was screaming as well. I was fingering her cunt…and mine….pinching her nipples…and mine. We were twins, tied together by love and lust, and sharing every sensation. Phone sex is better than I thought it would be…maybe this will work out after all.