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Girl’s school @linafandino

When Leonardo got invited to a pizzeria he didn’t expect two things. One, that his friend Alex is now a girl Alexis. Second that it will happen to him too. Leonardo didn’t even notice when his transformation started. His friend seemed happy with his change but Leonardo wasn’t sure. His body was so diffirent now, it was hard to get used to it. He never had hair longer that a few inches, now they reached halfway his back. He had breasts that bounced and jiggled when he moved around and he didn’t even want to think about what’s between his legs now.
Seeing his Sullen face Alexis decided to cheer him up. “Come on Lina, you must admit it’s not that bad” Alexis said. “Not that bad? I just became a girl! I lost my manhood!” Leonardo lifted up his skirt showing Alexis his flat crotch. “You treat it like some precious treasure. It’s just a piece of muscle, we don’t need it” Alexis said. “How can you be ok with this. I mean you were also a guy” Leonardo asked, wondering how he was able to eccept his loss. “I didn’t do anything. I just happen to think that being a girl is better” Alexis smiled. “I don’t know” Leonardo was skeptical “I mean we are now weaker and we will have to deal with periods” Leonardo didn’t share his firend’s enthusiasm. “If it was so bad then the girls would be changing into boys, not the other way arond” Alexis said. She took Leonardo’s hand “Trust me Lina, i would never lie to you” She said looking him deeply in the eyes. Alex may had change into a girl but Leonardo knew he didn’t change inside. “Fine, i will try” Leonardo gave up. “Yay!” Alexis shouted and hugged her friend, she has so many plans for the two of them.