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Should have better understanded her

Jack knew he should have respected his mother more, when a giant cock was being slammed into his new pussy.
Jack never listen to his mother since she divorced to his dad sometimes he even cursed at her for getting another boyfriend in one week after she divorced to his dad.
One day when he was once again cursing at his mother, his mother told him to stop because she knew he would do the same thing if he was in her position, she even wished he would know how it feelt.
At that moment an old witch who was listening to the conversation at the other side of the street chose to transform jack into a woman just after a divorce, the woman give him one chance at turning back that was by not doing the same thing as his mother did after the divorce.
When Jack woke up the other day he knew something was wrong as he woke up in a whole other house, and when he saw his body being female he started freaking out.
After he calmed down the door opened and a man walked into his ,now her, room.
That was the moment her new feelings and memories kicked in.
Jackie knew she loved this man and knew this was the way to forget her divorce of just a few weeks ago.