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I met Clarice not long after she came to the City. I think it was her country sweetness and naivety that first attracted me to her. Sure, she was pretty enough but so darn shy and as I would latter learn, afraid of everything. Especially men. It took weeks of gentle persistence just to get her to talk to me and weeks more to get her to look me in the eye. It took several months, but she finally began to trust me enough to go out. Not really dates, just coffee or maybe lunch. I guess she raised my protective instincts. I was very careful not to frighten her. Months passed and it was fascinating to watch her blossom into a confident young woman. We became close and I realized I was falling in love with her. Clarice never talked about her past. All she would say is she came from a hick town and was never going back. So I was surprised when one day she announced she had to return home. She had gotten a letter and her mother was sick and needed her. I asked if she wanted me to go with her but she said no. She would only be gone a short time and would call me. I began to worry after two weeks with no word and when it stretched past a month, I decided to go look for her. I knew the name of the town she was from. A tiny little place on the edge of the mountains. On arrival, I found it to be just as Clarice had said. Small and full of clannish people. My pleas for directions were only answered by stares and silence until one old woman gave me directions to an isolated farm in the hills outside of town. When I finally found the place, the door was answered by the biggest, roughest looking man I had ever seen. I introduced myself and said I was looking for Clarice. He just stared at me until I began to get nervous. Then he grinned and said he was her big brother and Clarice was with their Ma and Pa out in the pasture and to come in and wait. I followed him in and he offered me a drink. Three or four sips later and the world went black. The opening of a door and a “You awake City Boy?” brought me back to consciousness. I opened my eyes only to realize I was laying on a small bed in a dingy bedroom and the brother was standing in the door looking down at me. He said, “Clarice done escaped once and I had the devil’s own time tracking her down. It was me that sent the letter saying Ma needed her that got her to come back. Well Ma ain’t ailing, I just wanted Clarice back home. But she done changed. Said it weren’t right for a brother to be fucking his sister no more. So I changed her like I did Ma and Pa and put her in the pasture with them. Heh, Heh. That Ma turned out to be one stud of a bull. If Clarice is half as productive as Pa has been, we gonna have us a fine herd before long. I could only stare at him in disbelief, “Why? How?” “Mountain magic, City Boy. I used it to turn them into cows.” Then he gave an evil chuckle, “Just like I used it to turn you into Clarice.” With those words, I became aware of the long hair tickling my neck, the breasts exposed on my chest and a wet sore feeling between my legs. I was paralyzed by terror as he pulled out the largest penis I could have ever imagined. I could only stare in wide eyed horror as he shoved that monster between my legs. When he began to thrust into me he said, “It was you that put those high and mighty ideas in Clarice’s head City Boy. So the way I see it, You can take her place. Now you can be Clarice and you can be real nice to your big brother or you can join the real Clarice and Ma and Pa in the pasture. Either way City Boy, You’re fucked.”

The undeground body swapping ring: part 2

Martin was in the best mood of his life (and shape) Martin has been happily inside his new body for three weeks. He has been enjoying living in a clean condo instead of his old run down one. Eating sushi and sipping Martinis with his new roommates, and for once spending money as he wishes. He could never do that before living in a constant state of frugal savings from his old programming job. Saving just enough to buy a new body. In his last body he was constantly living off donation from his old family and sitting in a small office 15 hours a day 6 days a week. The lack of sunlight made his old body sickly pale, now being the young Becca with loaded parents and numerous credit cards, he had all the time in the world to tan by the condos pool as well as constant parting. He slipped into his new yellow dress he bought with his new “daddy’s” credit card and was excited for the upcoming party he will attend tonight. He couldn’t wait to fuck the next guy or girl who hit on him tonight at the party. His last 6 years have been sexless but recently he’s getting laid every weekend night. Suddenly his new roommate Amber stuck her head into Becca’s old room. “You going out again Becca” “Duh. its Brads Frat party at the mansion downtown.” Martin exclaimed. “Well be careful-said Amber “You don’t want to be picked up drunk by one of those mobsters, then having your body warned by creepy old men!” Martin just smiled and giggled “Oh don’t worry I will”