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That addiction seems to be a body thing, Adam think as he blow out the smoke out of his nose. He just used magic necktail to transform into his young coworker Stephanie, who frequently depends she needs a break to smoke. Adam just let her do and make a plan how he can get rid of her with the help of am magic necktail and a hair of her. Now after he feels how the addiction effect him and after he takes some time to look at his beautiful face he think he could look over that addiction to steel her some hair more often.

Tongue out

“Look sis, who is now the one with no tits to play with” Sam said and stick the tongue of his sisters friend out after he used a possession spell on her to tease his sister.
“Sam is that you” his confused sister reply
“Is that because I used to make fun of you?”
“Yes it is. And now we can do it together on one of your sleepovers like you and you friends always do!”

Night transformation

Steven has the gift to be a shapshifter and enjoy it every time he can to prank his friends, in the shap of stars or sexy girls, or just to make his live more exiting in everyday practices. The only problem was that he can’t control his powers at night and so it often happens that he have to make his way to the frige in the morning as old man or little kids that he seen the day befor. Today was one of the better mornings as he awake in the shape of that teen his eyes feel on at the mall, so he think it has time to take control over his form and just start in the day.