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Furious female

“Piss off! Just because you transformed me into a hot babe doesn´t mean that I will do anything you tell me to do. Go make your own damned sandwich!” Martin had been transformed into Maria by his so called friend Adam.
The sly grin on Adam´s face was stretched wide; “Remember, I`m the only one that can transform you back….if you do as I say”.
“Screw you! I will not let you take control of my life just because you are an arsehole whom the girls despise. I can see that clear now”. She was furious
Adam´s grin all but vanished: “But…”
“No but´s! Get out! If I stay a girl, then so be it, but I refuse to be taken hostage”
His face turned sour. “Alright. Suit yourself….bitch!” With those parting words Adam slammed the door behind him. Read more