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Tough decision

Colin was struggling with a hard choice. His plan was simple at first, swap bodies with his ex girlfriend and get his revenge on her for cheating. Using his ex girlfriend’s body to ruin her reputation he grabbed her camera and took a lot of tasty photos of him pleasuring himself in her body. He wanted to post it on the internet but after some time he started to appreciate this body. The way his soft skin felt or the firm breasts. Not to mention the feeling of having an orgasm as a woman.
“Hmm, should i post the pictures online or… I could take over Tina’s body and life forever” Colin thought, reaching his hand down between his legs. He rubbed the lips of his pussy causing him to let out a soft moan. “Tina sure has a great body but is it worth to give up on my revenge? Is it worth to become a woman for the rest of my life?” Colin had still time to think about it. For now he decided to play with his slit a little bit more and maybe take another set of pictures.