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Molly’s Extremely Surprising Mornings Part 3

Eight months later and it turned out I had given Dee something when I took her breast mass, and her big belly showed pretty clearly what that was.
“Remember when I complained about how having any boobs?” she asked looking at me.
“Well now I think I prefer that over these things!” The pregnancy had accelerated her breast growth quite noticeably, and now they stuck out part her also massive belly. “You know, sweetie,” she cooed. “If we would have sex now, you could release all this size from me.”
I looked at her tits, and felt my massive member trying to escape from my pants. “I don’t know: this thing’s already massive enough.”
“Come on,” she said, pressing her body up against me, making me even harder. “It’d be quick. Just get me down to C-cups or something.”
I had to admit, that sounded reasonable. “Alright,” I said. She hopped up and down with glee, her tits following the motion. She stripped off her gown, and stood naked before me. I had to admit, her body was hot. She hadn’t lost any of her petiteness, but now her torso was dominated by her huge belly and tits. I stripped out of my clothes, my dick erect to about twenty inches. The whole thing couldn’t fit inside her now, but I could still feel the pleasure. She grabbed my cock, pulling it out of herself and putting it between her tits. They felt so warm wrapped around me, and pretty soon I had came, not being able to hold it back. Suddenly we both felt incredibly tired, and we both drifted off to sleep on the couch, my arms wrapped around her massive belly…
A few hours later we woke up, and I moved my hands up her belly to her…
chest. Once again I had absorbed her tits.
“Aah,” she said. “It feel so good to get that weight off me.”
“Off you? What about me?” I got up off the couch and my dick literally hit the floor. Dee just giggled. “I don’t know, but isn’t it every guy’s dream to have a huge dick?”
“And what about you? Isn’t it every girl’s dream to have big tits?”
“Maybe,” she said. “And eight months ago it was mine too, but now? Now I love these things.” She rubbed her nipples, still dark and wide from her pregnancy. My dick started getting erect at the sight, and I knew this wouldn’t be fun anymore…