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Text message

Ron stared at the phone screen, waiting for a text message from Amy. “Come on, what is taking her so long” Ron said becoming impatient and brushed the hair out of his face. “How do girls handle it all the time” He muttered. As a guy he never had long hair but now since he was in the body of his friend from college it was one of those unfamiliar things he had to deal with as a girl.
Few hours later they accidentaly swapped bodies for unknown reasons. Ron freaked out but Amy comforted him that she knows a way to reverse this.
While Amy was preparing to change them back Ron stayed in Amy’s room. He often thought about the things he would do if he had the chance to become a girl but now when he was one he didn’t feel like exploring the body he had.
Suddenly he recived a text message. He took the phone and looked at it but the words were just gibberish and he couldn’t read them
“Just some stupid prank” Amy said. “Oh well, probably nothing to worry about” She shrugged . “Now where was i? Oh yes” Amy took off her pants and took a photo of her in her knickers. She send the photo to her boyfriend adding to it a naughty caption. Amy couldn’t wait for the evening when her boyfriend comes back after visiting his parents. He missed him and the pleasure his manhood gave her. Read more