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Bimbo Apocalypse – Chapter 6: Meeting

November 18, 2015
“This is Lana” Jason pointed at Lana’s face. “And this is Carm’ and what did you say was her name?” “It was…” Lana began “Wait, wait, wait.” Tobias interrupts her. “Your breasts?” “Yes. A magician…”Lana once again started to explain. “Doesn’t matter. Lana said that this town will ‘fall soon’.” Jason told Tobias. “The apocalypse!” Tobias realised. “So we only have to wait.” “In the meantime you could help us fix this little breast problem of ours.” “I’m sorry but we don’t know how to do that. Jason got transformed by a Djinn so we don’t know any magic.”

Bimbo Apocalypse – Chapter 8: Disagreements

November 22, 2015
Jason and Tobias were waving to Lana while she left the city in the direction of the desert. “This waiting kills me” Tobias said. “We could practise your weapon skills.” Jason suggested. “No. I don’t want to use weapons.” “You’re such a girl, Tobias.” “No. You are.” “Maybe we should have kept the Tit-Girls here. If this apocalypse arrives from the desert she’ll be overrun.” “She also told us that this city is doomed to fall. She wouldn’t be save here either.” “Fair enough.” “Do you think we can do something to evacuate the town?” “If we could persuade the mayor to put of some of the evacuation protocols into force we could at least help the people survive in the town.” “I think I have got an idea. But it kinda’ involves you fucking the mayor…” “Are you kidding me?! For no money on this god-dammed planet I would have sex with that disgusting asshole of a politician. I didn’t even vote for him.” “But that might be our only chance to save the lives of the civilians that will be stuck in the cross fire when you shoot the zombies dead!”