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Creation of Buxfill

As professor green starts to work on his mixture to help make a cure for Breast Cancer. adding some estrogen to the mix when suddenly fumes fill the room with in moments professor green begins to change into a sexy redhead. Upon examination he determines that his new mix can change genders . but when combined with other things can be a problem. Like fertility, bimboization, submission, domination addiction to cum. to his horror her realizes his mix has mad him fertile and slowly loosing his intelligence.

Return of Buxfill

Scott comes home from work at the warehouse after his fifth day of working a 12 hour shift in he High heat. He collapses on the couch, Hour later Cameron comes home and Sees. Scott laying in the front room. Cameron Reaches into his pocket And pours some blue liquid with a pink swirl in the vial into Scotts mouth. rolling over Scott is sound asleep as the changes take place Long lean legs a well toned Butt with just a right amount of curve Long brunette hair a sexy face and nice firm breasts. Unknown to Scott this Buxfill drug has an increased fertility drug mixed in as Cameron stands behind Scott snaping a picture befoer he moves in to seal scott into this form forever.

New Gym Trainer

Scott was slightly overweight trying to loose weight on his own only a few pounds here and there. One Day the gym he always went to hired a New personal trainer. Dave walks around the gym offering free advice to everyone. He tells scott to spend an hour in the sauna each day and will help show an improvement. Dave watches Scott enter the Sauna after an hour. Scott walks out unaware the water used was infused with a new Chemical agent called Buxfill. Long blonde hair cascaded down Scotts face. As his legs began to become long and slender, his butt and hips becoming wider and firmer. his excess weight flowing off him some moveing up to his chest. as Scott hugs his body feeling very strange.