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“Almost as Big” Finale

It had been another week since Tori had drink the last of the elixir, and the side-effect had taken hold of her as well. She stood in the doorway to the living room, topless, as both she and her mother liked to be. “Hey Mommy!” she said, and her mother turned to look at her.
“I’ve been, like, thinking,” Tori said, walking slowly closer to her mother. “We have the biggest boobies in the club.” She knelt down on her mother’s lap, her tits swaying right in front of her face.
“Like, what do we even need those boys for?”
Her mother smirked, and grabbed one of Tori’s massive, veiny tits. She gave it a squeeze, and Tori let out a moan before reaching across and grabbing one of her mother’s tits. In no time nothing escaped their lips outside of moans, and the occasional “boobies.”
The elixir hadn’t just made them into bimbos. It had turned them into breast-obsessed bimbos.