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Not a Toy

I’m normally an 18 year old guy named Trevor but today I was very unlucky. I went over to mow my rich neighbors lawn and her kids where outside with this weird toy gun. Tracey(8) ran over to me crying saying that she was really Cindy(11) and that she swapped there bodies with the toy gun. I thought she was just kidding so I went over to “Cindy” and said you need to swap back Tracey and laughed. She just yelled at me “if your going to nag me like my mom maybe i should make you her”. I shrugged it of and was walking back to finish mowing the lawn. When I was Finished Mrs. Z (44) came out and offed me some lemonade. Just then Cindy ran by and shot me and her mom with the gun I feel forward due to the new weight on my chest. I was amazed and horrified at the same time. Mrs. Z looked the same way. Mrs. Z in my body ran after Cindy but accidentally nocked her down destroying the gun. I just sat down disgusted that I was now trapped in my neighbors body forever. Hey at least I’m rich