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I sure love dancing

I had two left feet. My girlfriend loved dancing, but I just sucked at it. She would move like air, and sway her ass in such a sexy way, that would make any guy fall for her. So when I was granted a wish stone, I wanted to be the best dance partner she could ever have. I wanted to be a great dancer. Read more

Oh Honey…

My girlfriend and I were laying in bed talking after waking up this morning. The discussion went to talking about lesbian sex and that men just don’t know how it feels to have sex as a woman. She said that women have it better and sex is better as a woman and I disagreed. She said that she could prove me wrong…I said” How?” She Said” Wait, I will show you…” I said ” OK, hit me with your best shot…” She started kissing me and pawing at me ,ripping the buttons off of my pajama top. She said for me to just close my eyes and enjoy. Her hands were like magic, working all over my body, making me tingle from one end of my body to the other. she rubbed and sucked on my nipples ,making them hard and sensitive. “Damn” I said “This feels fantastic!” She then started massaging my already erect penis. She ran her fingers up and down the shaft then working expertly my balls in her hand. What I didn’t realize was that my body was morphing into a female version of myself. My moans were coming faster and at a higher pitch that normal. I didn’t care, I was in heaven. The next thing I knew , she had 3 fingers in my pussy and I was about to come….

Forever Changed

Mitch never felt like he was born right. He tended to like more feminine things, and several times wished he was born a woman. One day, while sitting at a park, a random man approached him. Somehow, he knew Mitch and knew of his desires. Mitch knew he should have been suspicious, but this man had such an alluring and persuasive voice that he did not worry. The man told him that he could make him female if he came by his massage parlor that evening after closing. Mitch could not agree fast enough.
That night, Mitch eagerly waited outside for the man to open the doors and let him come inside the parlor. Once he did, the man explained how he could do this: he was a wizard and always wanted to help men and women who he could tell were not happy in their current gender. The wizard, named Nate, explained that he was going to use magic and spells to form Mitch’s body to that of a female. Mitch was ecstatic and agreed to have this happen.
Immediately when Mitch accepted, Nate snapped his fingers. Immediately, Mitch knew he was naked and unable to move. As Nate ran his hands all over Mitch’s body, Mitch could feel everything starting to shift: his hips getting wider, his stomach becoming more slender, his breasts growing wider, his hair growing out, his lips getting fuller, and his ass getting rounder. The whole time, Mitch was in a state of pleasure and euphoria. As Nate reached for Mitch’s penis, he slowly pushed it in with his testicles. Mitch now felt some pleasure, but mostly pain as he felt his insides change to match his new feminine form.
As Nate stood up, he beckoned Mitch to a mirror. Mitch was awestruck as he looked on his new body and was even more shocked at his new voice. However, Nate was not done. Without warning, he threw Mitch down on the table and grabbed his arms. He clearly cast a spell on Mitch as now he was felt his body unable to move, except for his head. Mitch said, “I knew you wanted this, but I did not tell you the whole truth as to why I helped you. You see, I have a lot of clients and not enough people to satisfy. You are now my newest slut, and you will obey everything I tell you”. Mitch was terrified as he felt Nate enter his freshly made pussy. With each thrust, Mitch slowly was loosing his concentration, memory, and will. Soon, all Michelle needed was to please her new master no matter the cost. Nate could only smile as he filled his new slut up, forever marking her as his.