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Hard to Put a Good Book Down Part 2

I read through the spell book, trying to find a spell to give me back my body, and give Jill back her brains. My concentration was broken, however, by a sudden loud music coming from downstairs. I slammed the book closed in frustration, and pushed my new glasses up higher on my nose. Jill didn’t need them anymore, but my eyes had turned just as bad as hers used to be.
I ran downstairs to quiet the noise and found Jill dancing aimlessly to the music, her tits flopping very visibly underneath her shirt.
“What happened to the bra I gave you?” I shouted at her over the radio.
“Well,” she started, not even bothering to turn the music down. “I’m not sure why you had a bra that big to begin with.” I crossed my arms over my small chest. “But it didn’t fit me. My titties just came out over the top!” She giggled, jumping up and down as if to prove a point.
“Well fine, but could you keep it down? I’m trying to read!” I said, frustrated not only at the noise, but also at her bouncing chest.
“Ugh, alright MOM!” she shouted. “I’ll like, turn down the music.”
As I walked back upstairs I saw Jill had resumed her dancing. I looked at her excited tits with jealousy. Soon, they would be mine again…