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Fight Your Own Battles

“Look, dude, I’m telling you it’s me… Tyler! When I grabbed that chick’s boobs she cast some kind of spell on me and turned me into a girl with big titties!” Said the naked big breasted redhead.
“Yeah, right! Look, baby, why don’t we go find a bed and…” Said Danny, the drunken teen that was unknowingly hitting on his friend Tyler at the house party.
“Ew, no! Anyway, I’ll be a guy again any minute now. I just sent my big brother, Derek, over there to make that witch bitch change me back, and then- OOF!” Tyler said as she was suddenly interrupted by a humongous tit to the face.
“Yeah… I don’t think she’s gonna change you back… She said she DEFINITELY not changing ME back, so… you wanna go hook up, Danny?…” Said Derek.