Spellbook Change Back Mishap

I turned into a girl from a spell I found in an old book and I didn’t want to turn back. The only way I could remain a girl was if I climaxed in this body. But getting off as a girl is hard. I just wasn’t in the mood. Time was almost up and I started reading one of my girlfriend’s romance novels. It was steamy and I could feel myself getting wet. As I was reading, I started fingering myself and knew that I was going to climax. Yet just before I did, I could feel the change back to a man coming on. It started with my junk, just like it did before. With my hand wrist deep in my pussy, I saw my clit grow out into a dick. Something about seeing that made me cum harder than I ever had, squirting all over my hand. As I lay back breathing deeply, I realized what I had done to myself. The transformation had stopped and now I was trapped as a girl with a dick and a pussy! Although, maybe now I can have even more fun with my girlfriend when she gets home…


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