Prison Guards

The hardest thing about prison, Tony thought as he thrust again, Officer Andrews moaning underneath him, was the fact that there were no girls around. Tony had been locked up for almost two years now and he just couldn’t take it anymore. He’d held off on using his powers until now as they had landed him there in the first place, but every man reaches a breaking point.

As officer Kennedy looked up at him with lust-clouded eyes, offering her… his… former colleague’s ass up like a trophy, Tony realized he had no regrets. These two, formerly average, slightly pudgy middle-aged prison guards had made life hell for him everyday for those two years, seemingly for the fun of it. Finally, when they showed up outside his door for a surprise cavity check, Tony had turned them down, but generously offered to return the favour.

They’d been pissed at first, but as their bodies changed, so did their minds. Their waists slimmed, their skin tanned, their asses and chests pressed against their uniforms and their hair grew longer and changed colour and their voices rose an octave. Soon they were bending over Tony’s cot, offering themselves up and begging that he ‘search’ them for contraband. The warden wouldn’t be happy about it, Tony thought as he came in officer Andrews who cried out in pleasure. But then again, the warden always acted like he had a stick up his ass, maybe Tony could help him with that.


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