Hello world!

Welcome fellow erotic captions addicts!

AdultCaptions.com aims to give content creators an easier way to create their captions, removing the need for any graphic editing tools, Adult Captions allow to express your own creativity without any technical obstacle.

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4 thoughts on “Hello world!”

  1. I love the idea of a new caption site, we really need one, but I do have a problem with the layout.
    A large draw and appeal to captions is that they can be viewed in a slightly more discreet way – at work, at the airport, wherever you want to.
    This isn’t quite as reasonable on your site due to the massive gifs next to each title post. I understand the aesthetic is nice, but it really turns me off the usability.
    Gifs or pictures in line in the stories themselves make sense, but a huge one that takes up the entire screen is a bit of a bad choice in my opinion.

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