Enjoy the view

I could feel her stare as she peered through the lens of the binoculars. I couldn’t blame her as I had stared at her for years. I had envied her style, her moves, her body, and her smell. Tonya wasn’t the nicest neighbor I had as she always came off as a bitch, but she was at least nice to look at. In her opinion I was weird and socially awkward, but I don’t know what she expected from a 17 year old kid. I must have spent countless hours stroking my cock at the thought of Tonya. Tonya was a frequent subject of my sexual fantasies but not in a normal way. When I had found that spell I couldn’t wait to use it. Now I was right where I belonged, I was my sexual fantasy, I was Tonya. I hope that bitch enjoys being a 17 year old kid and I really hope she enjoys the view of me fucking her husband.


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