Clair de Lune

Harry made his way up the aisle of the plane tentatively just as the seatbelt sign turned off. He was nervous and slightly sweaty – all these years wishing and hoping there was a way to escape this life, this body he was in were coming to a head within him. What if it didn’t work? What if it did? His head was awash with nervousness and excitement as he waited for the cubicle to become vacant. His phone was in his clammy left hand, while a pair of headphones hung around his neck.

One of the doors unlocked, and a very busty blonde haired woman exited, a small smirk appeared with a very apparent blush as she took a look at him. Harry could have sworn just five minutes ago that a man had walked in there, but the thought quickly escaped his mind as he entered the bathroom, and locked the door – this was it.

The doctor was very clear on what needed to happen. First the nanobots would only work in lower gravity than what is on the ground, and the only place short of a space shuttle to get it was one of the long haul flights across continents. Second, the nanobots were set to go off when the music ‘Clair de Lune’ was played in the patient’s ears. How long the whole process took was unknown – the doctor never went into detail there, so Harry made sure to book a long flight, just to make sure he isn’t interrupted.

Shaking, Harry put on his headphones, and loaded up the music app on his phone. Doubt flooded his mind, and for a second he felt stupid. Nanobots? The doctors clinic itself was pretty shady, but she seemed genuine when he was there. The tech had apparently been on the black market for years, just the pharmaceutical companies had blocked it at every turn for it to become mainstream. What about himself, was this what he wanted? The doctor had said if he wanted to back out, he can for the nanobots will pass through in forty-eight hours and he’d be the same old Harry. How long he sat there questioning, doubting himself, he didn’t know, however it was very obvious when he pressed the play button on his phone.

Harry felt a warmth within him as the music started to play in his ears. The doctor had been vague on what the process would be like, how it would feel to him, and to describe the warmth as pleasant felt wrong. It was more… ‘right’. The heat intensified as he began to feel his body shiver and shake around him, like a flu. That’s when the pleasure began to ripple through him, slow at first, but building up as the changes accelerated.

It was his hair that grew first, dark like his current hair, but much, much longer. He felt his face soften as changes flowed from his face downwards. He felt tingles in his lips, like a pleasurable bout of pins and needles. He gasped a little at the twinges of pleasure he was feeling as the nanobots affected his face, and he noticed the slightly higher pitch his voice was as the bots affected that too. However, his feelings were about to become a lot more intense.

It then made its way down, ending on his chest. He could feel the same pins and needles on his nipples, just a little more sharper this time. He pulled off his shirt as he looked down to see two enlarged nipples begin to puff out. Harry had dreams about this moment for years, and it was finally happening to him! He brought a hand up as the nanobots began to work on his hands. He rubbed his forming breasts with his new, more feminine hands, and this is when the pleasure increased tenfold. A mix of his wildest fantasies with the increased pleasure brought Harry to the edge as his breasts grew to an E size. The nanobots felt it too, and the changes seemed to speed up the closer Harry got to orgasm.

Harry, closer now to Harriet had his last orgasm as a man as the nanobots began to form his womanly vagina between his legs. This was unbearable as Harriet moaned with her final female voice as she felt her former-selfs penis retreat within her, forming her womb and forcing her to orgasm once more. She didn’t hesitate as she plunged a finger, then two into her new pusy, orgasming for the third time, not caring if anyone outside could hear her moans as she experienced feminine ectasy. She couldn’t believe it, she was beyond any doubt a female now. Her ass expanded behind her, as the nanobots began also tightening her jeans around her – a welcome side effect she thought as she hadn’t considered what to wear once the transformation was complete.

The nanobots had finished the work as the heat began to subside within her. Slightly worn out with the process, she leaned back on the side of the cubicle to take in what happened. She had done it, finally left that male body she so resented all these years, and become what she always wanted to be. She let out a sigh of relief, before a mischievous thought came into her mind and she bit her lip – may as well try my luck at taking this body for a spin. Taking a quick, seductive selfie in the mirror with her phone, she updated her tinder mid-flight, looking for any takers for entry to the mile high club with her…


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