bad walk

It was another day, i was talking my walk out side my door, to smoke a cig. This old woman down stairs was having trouble with her dog. annoyed and overly helpful i go do to help her out. I lower myself to her dogs level and let it sniff my finger. The dog took kindly to that. and allowed me to take her back to her master the elderly woman. She smiled at me and ask her to follow her back for she could reward me. I tried to brush it off, but she was not having any of that. So i walked with her back to her place. She told me about how she lost her spouse many years ago. She ask me what i believed in.
I told her i believe in a lot. She laughed then ask even magic. I smiled not to amuse her but i did believe and would love to learn. She smiled and ask would i be weird out if she did magic.
Telling her no and if she had time i would love to learn. Not that i want to but i could tell she could use the company.

A few days later when she told me to come back. i did she smiled at me answer the door. letting me in to her apartment. there were candles lit through out the place. she asked me to sit on the couch. as she sat on the other side of the circle drawn. she smiled at me and said word i did not make out she look at me and said sorry. That when i felt it it was i felt like i was shrinking. then she stood. She stood right up like she did not have that hip surgery or the pain in her back. Her white hairs had color. I turn to look at my hands to see them shrinking and energy draining from them flying to the thief taking my essence. I grab my stone on my chest as to still be free and turn to see her growing younger by the second and more beautiful as she did. she walk over to me as she toward over me. SMiling picking me up like a child as she most have been going to mid forties now as i then received a hug getting directly absorbed in to her i could feel my essence moving to her body as my life became hers.

A spark energy in the dark world as i here her voice say. Man was he athletic i may still be older my shape has never been this good at his age still i need to meet some guys, man was he horny. My essence was influencing her body i could see her through the mirror she was looking at. She want to touch her boobs. So i decide i would take this body. As she touched it i felt it like i was a giant breast. Odd she said nothing thought they be sensitive. But it was. She tried the other, nothing but i felt it. She touch her arms and it felt like i was growing arms. i could see her eyes widen as she learn. Give up She said. But it was check mate as i now have the arm i reach over to the stomach and could feel my body develop as i go to the legs gain the ability to walk then my ass a nice ass i have to say
SHE screaming now STOP IT. I could not it was so sensitive. But to stop her i touch the mouth and thought to my self with this womans voice enough of that. I say her lips move my lips. i touch the rest of her body. now mine and a ringing came in my head i put a finger in my ear. At that moment felt like a joint of energy as her life knowledge came mine.


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