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Too Far Part 3

Its been so many generations, so many lives and so many, too many men, lovers and far too many husbands in my lifetimes for me to ever feel comfortable again. But i’m almost there. I’m currently inhabiting my mothers body on her wedding night, the night i’m conceived. Read more

Too Far Part 4

Damn it. I was so close. So many sacrifices, my own happiness time and time again for one and its all been for NOTHING!!! Read more

Too Far Part 2

When my vision blurred and i felt my mind shift away from my sweat drenched body i thought i’d succeeded in making my way back home again. Read more

Too far

You know when i read the spell would send me back into the life of one of my ancestors, i kinda figured it would be something like my grandfather. If not him then i had a few other ideas. My great-great grandmother was not one of them. Read more