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Mind your Manners

“Hey don’t touch it.” I say
“Your the one who got yourself into this mess not me I told you not the weird lady.” Rick remarks.
“Don’t remind me how was I meant to know that she was a witch and would curse and turn me into a woman, nor would I have guessed that my new hormones would make me jump the bones of the first guy I saw who just happened to be you. Now I’m stuck like this.” I say as I gesture to my swelled stomach. “Worse yet my family think I’ve always been a girl and that my mom is making me take responsibility of my actions it’s not my fault now is it.” I say
“I get where she’s coming fun kinda of I mean we say we want to be treated as adults well now we will have to be adults and parents. Don’t worry I will make sure I will take care of you and the the baby. Rick says as he smiles up at me. I respond by sticking my tongue out at him.