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Can’t Wait

I can’t believe i’m wearing a bra, i feel myself so girly! And the warlock has said that soon my tits will start grow and i will become a full developed woman! Oh my god, i think i can’t wait for this…

Training Like a Babe

Wow, you’re looking at my ass!! It’s amazing to see the effect of a hot woman body on the other males! I can see the rising of their bulges in their pants! Really really intersting..it’s like to have gained a great power on the world…
I guess i should continue to train like the babe i’m now…

Bigger Than My Girlfriend

Oh my god! I can’t have bigger boobs than my girlfriend! I hope the genie will be back soon, before my girlfriend comes back at home to fuck me with her strapon! I can’t be the super big titted submissive one in the couple!!

Same Usual Slut

Why do i feel myself so girly today? My wife has said she will take revenge on me because i’ve cheated, but nothing will change the real me, i will be the same usual slut!