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What the…

Brenden always thought women were only put on this earth to please men. The way he treated his female employees was horrible. They all had to wear tight cloths and look all sexy and he would fire them if they spoke up to any male worker for sexy cat calls. Brenden got away with this because he was so rich he could pay off any lawyer or judge. The women eventually got together and decided enough is enough and Brenden needed to see how being a women felt. One day while getting up to go count his money Brenden felt a weight on his chest and when he went to see what it was a big pair of boobs greeted him. Brie as she is now called has no money no id and has to please any guy who talks to her. Brie now wishes he could change the way he treated women but he loves his new body and wouldn’t change that.


Wow I can’t believe you actually went through with this. You do know the nanobots only work one way so you’ll be stuck as a girl forever. And oh my god your boobs are perfect and way bigger then mine. So since it’s irreversible how about you and I go home and finally have the lesbian sex we always wanted. And I still can’t take my eyes off your boobs.


Jason was arguing with his girlfriend about how much a male orgasm was way better then a female one. Amy bet him that if she could prove that a female orgasm felt better he would have to stay a girl for a whole year and date her brother. Jason agreed and soon found himself a girl and Amy wasted no time in eating out Jason’s new pussy. Turns out he loves the feeling. Jill now can’t wait for her date with Jake and his long cock.

Checking the goods

Kevin here just transformed into his female side for the first time. Kevin slept with the wrong women and she changed him into a werewomen like her. So now every night Kevin changes into a women and seeks out men to spread the curse. At first Kevin was freaking out but as soon as it was over and he saw how she looked he was hooked and couldn’t wait for night time where Kelly came out to paly.


Man it’s easy to get these women to sign over their bodies. At first I was a personal trainer and helped women work out then I found a magic pen that when someone signs their name with it we swap bodies. I have moved from town to town trading bodies. Here I am now in the body of Jess. She really took care of her body this is going to be fun being her for a bit. I have gown a bit tired of being women that I think I’ll get a man to sign and swap I’m sure he would love being in Jess’ body for a bit before I tell him that she is pregnant.

Bubble bath

I can’t believe these are really my legs. For the next year I’ll be stuck as a chick. The strange thing is this bubble bath actually feels nice and it makes my smooth skin feel even smoother. The strange thing is looking at my crotch turns me on. My body may be female but my brain still male. It’s my body so if I want to play with myself I will. I hope my buddy Jack doesn’t mind waiting a bit longer for our date.


Just breathe and relax they can’t tell your not Emily. She needed help with her job interview today so like the awesome boyfriend you are you agreed to help. Of course you expected to coach her not swap bodies with her. Although she, or should I say I, look good today. Good thing I don’t have a penis right now because my bra keeps rubbing against my nipples turning me on I doubt I could have hid my erection. The downside to this is if I fail she said she would make our swap permanent. Is that really a bad thing I do wonder what giving a blow job feels like. Oh my gosh I am horny.