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I was hiking through the countryside to relax a bit from the tought week at work. I don’t know how many kilometers i made but i was becoming tired. I was in the middle of nowhere with no good place to rest. Then i saw a house. I decided to go there, maybe the residents will be kind enough to give me some water and shelter from the sun. I went there and saw an old lady hanging laundry. I smiled and waved “Hello. Can i borrow some water and rest for a bit?” I asked trying to be as polite as i can. The lady looked at me. “My, my, you look tired. Come here young man” She invited me to her garden. “You can take a bath and relax while i will make something to eat” The old lady smiled. ” oh please don’t trouble yourself” I said but she insisted and a bath sounded like a good idea. She guided me at the back of her house and showed me an old fashioned, wooden bathtub. “We have some problems in our bathroom so you will have to use this” She said and went inside her house. I looked around to make sure nobody is watching and stripped off my clothes. I jumped into the bathtub and closed my eyes, it really felt nice. My mind was drifting away, i was so relaxed and my body felt great. It was comfortable in here and so pleasurable i let out a soft girly moan. Wait!? I opened my eyes and was greated by a pair of nice, round breasts. Long red hair were tickling my shoulders and between my legs i found nothing. I reached my hand down there and felt the soft lips of a vagina. Read more