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Becoming the Goddess

Vivian was always jealous of the goddesses of old. A student of ancient history, Vivian envied the images she saw of women with curvy bodies and wide hips as she studied. It wasn’t that Vivian was bad looking. She had long red hair, beautiful skin, and a face that was as cute as a button. Unfortunately for Vivian, she was not blessed with the body shape that she envied. One night however, as Vivian was reading some books she had checked out from the library she came across a volume on fertility goddesses that looked like it hadn’t been opened in ages. As she read it she began to realize this book explored sexuality and myths and contained spells translated from centuries old texts. While Vivian didn’t believe in this stuff she came across a spell that promised the body of a goddess and figured why not give it a shot? Worse comes to worst it doesn’t work and no harm, no foul. Vivian recited the spell and closed the book, but nothing happened. As she shrugged it off and began to stand up, Vivian began to feel her chest burning. Vivian looked down and all of a sudden her neckline took a plunge! Vivian’s jaw dropped as she saw her breasts balloon from an A cup to an F cup and spill out of her white tee shirt. Before Vivian had the opportunity to react to her bountiful bosom she keeled over in pain and heard a cracking sound come from her hips which had doubled, if not tripled in size! As Vivian stood up to admire her new figure she felt unbalanced by the weight of her new chest. That sensation wouldn’t last long however, for as she stood up her ever expanding ass filled out her skirt growing to a size that would put anyone to shame. Vivian walked over to the mirror and couldn’t stop smiling. She truly felt like a goddess.

You Never Know Where You’ll Be When The Swap Hits.

PSA’s like the one seen here were being broadcast around the globe with the advent of so-called “swapping sites”. The concept was simple, you’d make a profile, request a swap, and be put into the body of someone on the site who fit what you were looking for. In this PSA our protagonist Bobby who has always been curious about what it’s like to be woman gets swapped into a woman who is in the middle of a sexual encounter and ends up getting impregnated by a Russian mobster, sealing the swap for at least 9 months!