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Fun with a Remote

After Michael and James found a magic remote, they started fiddling around with it and figured out they could change their appearances. Here, we see Michael allowing James to turn him into a girl to have sex, and James would later return the favor. James was still dissatisfied with the size of Michael’s boobs and kept enlarging them till they popped out of the outfit Michael was wearing.

Fly By

Finally being Friday, Zach (16) was planning on using his new body hopping abilities he had just recently discovered to the fullest over the weekend. After being surrounded by freezing temperatures in his state, he decided the best place to possess someone would be at the beach in Florida. He had closed his eyes and started concentrating, but when he came to, he could feel two large objects on his chest. He had possessed a woman. He had wanted to possess a male body and knew he was stuck like this for two hours before he could leave this body. His mood changed when he felt the jiggle of the woman’s boobs. The next two hours would fly by in no time.