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The Psychiatrist

My wife left me earlier this week. To cope, I had to take on more clients at my psychiatry practice. I figured sorting out other people’s problems would help me adjust to my own. Read more

Just making my life Better

If you would have asked me ten years ago what I thought of hypnotism, I would have told you it was all a bunch of BS, but now? Now I know it’s legit if you can find the right person to teach you. When I married, I knew the marriage came with a child as part of the package. At first he was shy, but once he got used to me, his true nature came out. Now that’s not to say Brian was a bad kid. He was just spoiled rotten as he was used to his mother giving him anything he wanted. However, that wasn’t the worst of it. Whenever he would be hanging out with his best friend Nathan (which was most of the time), the two of them become the most diabolically evil children on the face of the planet. I never would of thought it was possible for two children to behave so badly.
I was nearly ready to give up on the whole marriage when I ran into Niko. He befriended me and listened to my story. He taught me his secrets and, once he felt I was ready, gave me leave to use my new-found skills to fix my problem. I had originally intended to just make them much more obedient and respectful, but as my imagination started to push the boundaries of what I had at first thought possible, my plans began to change, thinking about the long term. It started with some pretty innocent cross-dressing, but as the years went by, I kept pushing it further and further until they were begging for HRT before puberty morphed their bodies.
My wife only needed a minimal amount of hypnotism to accept Brian’s lifestyle choice as she was already so used to giving him whatever he wanted, and Nathan’s parents were very wealthy and very preoccupied with their careers. So long as his requests could be met by throwing money at it, they did not care what he did with his life.
Six year of mental conditioning, hormones, and cosmetic surgeries later, I have to say life is pretty good. Brian, now Brianna, is the perfect doting daughter in public, and the dirtiest, most devoted sex slave in private. As for her best friend, Nathan, now Natalie, is your stereotypical rich girl, self-absorbed and bitchy, but she loves nothing more than to spend her parent’s money on her beau, who just so happens to be me. All in all I’ve got to say I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Brianna, my dirty blonde princess, and Natalie, my brunette wallet. I wonder what my next project should be?