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TG Clinic Request For @captainboobs

Jim was perverted. However, he saw no issue with it. As like many other men, it was a fantasy of his somewhat to venture into the ladies room and have a look. So, of course when the TG Clinic opened Jim went. Jim stood in a chamber for 45 minutes as a pink mist was sprayed all over him. Over the course of the time in the chamber his body was changing. He was gradually becoming female. Jim walked out as a feminine black-haired woman with modest breasts. Jim didn’t choose a name for his body because all he wanted to do was going into the ladies room a few times to see some girls and then later possibly change back. However, it didn’t go quite as planned. He still went into the ladies room to perv on all the ladies but every ladies room had a mirror and he looked at himself more than any others. She was beautiful. Jim felt bad if he had to give her away. Jim did a lot of thinking in that bathroom. Maybe being a girl as better. Jim had more fun as a girl than he ever had as a man. It was awesome. Jim decided that he would remain a she and become Janice. Janice couldn’t be happier.